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WHAT IS YOUR NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY? FIND IT, FIX IT, AND FEEL BETTER! by Howard F. Loomis, Jr., D.C., F.I.A.C.A, with Arnold Mann (21st Century Nutrition Publishing, 2018)

The science of nutrition is the science of food: what we ingest, digest, absorb, transport, use, and eliminate.


All these processes are facilitated by the enzyme systems in the human body.


In this book, Dr. Howard Loomis, an internationally respected speaker who serves on the faculty of Logan University and as director of the Food Enzyme Institute, shows how we can easily exhaust our body's ability to produce digestive enzymes as the body struggles to compensate for the enzymes which have been leeched from our foods by commercial processing and cooking.


When the human body becomes enzyme deficient, it becomes energy deficient because the foods we consume are not being broken down and rendered absorbable by the body's digestive enzymes. And when the body becomes energy deficient, we can become fatigued and apathetic, and may suffer a host of other symptoms, as our organs struggle to perform under the energy shortage. Ultimately, this syndrome can lead to chronic degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer.


In WHAT IS YOUR NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY?, Dr. Loomis explains how various symptoms can reveal the specific nutrition—protein, fats, carbohydrates—the body needs to get back on course to a healthy, productive life, and tells how this can be achieved.