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Do you have a great story to tell? Mr. Mann is available on a consulting basis to physicians and other health care professionals who wish to write a book.


The key to a successful book in the field of healthcare always has been the telling of a good story—one that delivers an engaging and compelling learning curve to both professional and lay readers.


In a collaborative effort, the key to achieving this goal is the intellectual sharing that takes place between the author and co-author. Mr. Mann has been interviewing professionals in the medical community for over 30 years. He has written eight books on subjects ranging from alternative medicine to brain surgery. With a book, it's a chapter by chapter process. And when each chapter is completed, it goes to the author for review and revision. 


"This way, you're on the same page all the way" Mr. Mann says, "with no surprises at the end—just a good story."


Mr. Mann can assist in the conceptualization of the book and in the writing of the proposal, if the desired course is to obtain a publisher. In any event, if the book is a go and schedules permit, Mr. Mann will serve as co-author.


"Arnold Mann brought my story to life."

--Dr. Keith Black


"I had the good fortune of finding Arnold Mann and asking him to help me bring my life's work to the public. I had been writing for professional audiences for many years. But it was obvious that I would need someone special to help me reach general audiences. Arnold was that person. He was the story teller who could translate the physiology and biochemistry I write about and make it enjoyable for the reader interested in maintaining their health. We collaborated on three books, and if I had another book in me I would ask him to work with me again."

—Howard F. Loomis, Jr., D.C., F.I.A.C.A.