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THE ENZYME ADVANTAGE FOR WOMEN, by Howard F. Loomis, Jr., D.C., F.I.A.C.A, with Arnold Mann (21st Century Nutrition Publishing, 2016)

In Dr. Loomis' new book, The Enzyme Advantage for Women, you will:


*Learn how diet and digestion can impact female health from puberty, PMS, and infertility to menopause.


*Learn how hormonal birth control and replacement therapy affects each woman differently.


*Find drug-free solutions to the four types of PMS that all women experience.


*See what Dr. Loomis' clinical experience with nutrition, female health, and hormones can mean to you and the women in your life.


 "Dr. Loomis has spent a lifetime understanding and developing the clinical use of food enzymes. This essential book about women's health provides information that will allow women to achieve optimal well-being."

—David Beavers, Med, DC, MPH Chair, Loomis Center for Visceral-Somatic Studies at Logan University